Why Does Wine Cause a Stuffy Nose?

A small amount of alcohol can cause flushing in some people. Sodium metabisulfite is found in beer, wine, and champagne. Those with asthma that is poorly controlled or unstable may wheeze when they drink these drinks. Red wine, as opposed to white wine, contains significantly more histamines. It is critical that alcoholic beverages are not consumed by anyone with a food allergy. A wine glass may cause your nose to swell up, potentially causing food allergies. It is possible that an allergic reaction will be life-threatening and necessitate immediate medical attention.

drunk sneezing

If you’re allergic to alcohol, you may experience hives, itching, swelling, difficulty breathing, and wheezing. If you experience these symptoms after drinking alcohol, you must see a doctor as you may need to be treated why do i sneeze when i drink alcohol for an allergy. A simple wine sneeze is a sneeze that is caused by drinking wine. A skin test can determine whether you might have an allergy to something in alcoholic beverages — for example, the grains in beer.

Why Do I Get Stuffy Nose & Nasal Congestion After Drinking Alcohol?

Here are five surprising side effects of alcohol you should know about. There are many reasons why people sneeze when they drink beer. It could be an allergy to the hops or yeast in beer, or it could be the carbonation in the beer that irritates the nose. Some people sneeze when they drink beer because of the temperature difference between the beer and the air. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor to figure out why it’s happening.

If the drink contains high levels of histamine, it may cause a reaction in someone who is allergic to it. In beer, wine, and liquor, histamine, a chemical that causes allergic reactions, is present. If you have an allergic reaction to grapes, avoid eating raisins.


If someone believes they have an alcohol allergy or intolerance, they should stop drinking alcoholic drinks and visit their healthcare provider for testing and advice. GiphyIf you’re reacting to your favorite adult beverages, you may even have an alcohol intolerance.

drunk sneezing

In this article, we’ll explore why sneezing and alcohol sometimes go hand-in-hand. We’ll also provide tips on avoiding sneezing when you drink.

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There is no way to reverse alcohol poisoning; medical intervention is needed to protect the individual’s life. Calling 911 and keeping your friend safe until help arrives is the first step to safely treating someone with alcohol poisoning. In other words, your friend who drank way too much may not just be sleeping it off. If they are experiencing an episode of acute alcohol poisoning, their condition could lead to coma and even death if you do not intervene. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning typically correspond to blood alcohol concentration levels.

  • If a person thinks they have an alcohol allergy, they should eliminate alcohol from their diet and consult with a healthcare professional.
  • No I don’t think there is a connection between sneezing and drinking but he is not using alcohol wisely.
  • As it turns out, understanding your alcohol-induced stuffy nose starts with understanding how your body processes alcohol — or tries to, anyway.
  • If you experience swelling, redness, nausea, or a headache after drinking, it is possible that this is not the result of a hangover.
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Transmission occurs when blood or body fluids from an infected person enters the body of an uninfected or unvaccinated person. Your Sellersville ENT specialist can give you more information on alcohol allergies and tips for safe consumption. Tannins – Tannins causes the mouth-puckering effect in red wine but can inadvertently cause headaches and stuffiness, depending on how sensitive you are to it. Sulfites – These are added to wine as a preservative so it will last longer.

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